Corporate Travel Service in Atlanta—10 Best Restaurant Choices

Corporate Travel Service in Atlanta

In the business world, meeting over coffee is a very common practice for an informal yet productive meeting. Sometimes, meeting over coffee just doesn’t cut it. Meeting over a meal is a great, opportune way to meet and take care of a little business. With so many of us sharing the common interest of food, the trend of meeting over food is a common practice that comes with its own etiquette. Check out the top 10 restaurants for business meetings put together by our corporate travel service in Atlanta professionals.

The Best Spots to Meet Over a Meal According to a Corporate Travel Service in Atlanta

  1. Corporate Travel Service in AtlantaCanoe off Paces Ferry Road
  2. Lure off Crescent Avenue NE
  3. Ray’s in the City off Peachtree Street
  4. Dantanna’s in the CNN Center
  5. Buckhead Diner off Piedmont Road NE
  6. Davio’s Northern Italian Steakhouse off Peachtree Road NE
  7. 5Church Restaurant Peachtree Street NE
  8. Oceanaire Seafood Room off Peachtree Street NE
  9. Hard Rock Cafe off Peachtree Street NE – offers private dining rooms, which will allow you to hold a conversation is an area not as loud as the main dining area.
  10. OK Cafe off West Paces Ferry Road – for a more humble, homey feel.

Corporate Travel Service in AtlantaWhere to go is up to you. If you’re meeting with a client or looking to close a business deal, you might want to pull for a location that’s more unique and would wow your guest. For a larger event with more attendees, planners might want to consider a lively chain like Hard Rock Cafe, which could be the perfect venue depending on what tone the event calls for. Be creative and classy in your choice. Be cautious in picking a unique restaurant; you wouldn’t want your guest to be taken back by an overly exotic menu. Find a happy middle in between safe and adventurous.

When treating a client to lunch or dinner, be considerate throughout the meal. Small gestures like allowing them to order first will make a lasting impression on them. Make the outing that much more notable and impressive with a ride by a corporate travel service in Atlanta.

Make the Divine Choice

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