5 Things New Event Planners Should Know About Special Event Transportation

Special Event Transportation

Special Event Transportation: What Not to Overlook

From weddings to business conferences—Bar Mitzvahs to birthday celebrations, special event planning can be a huge task to take on. You got the venue, rented the necessary equipment, and even booked a speaker—this event is shaping up to be a successful one, given it’s among your first. From invitations to wedding favors, every “I” is dotted, and every “T” is crossed. With every detail accounted for, now is the time to book the special event transportation. Seems simple enough—and it is. Let’s take a look at a few tips that’ll help you plan for professional transportation.

The Quick and Dirty on Special Event Transportation Planning

Special Event Transportation1. Overestimate. This is event planning 101, but it’s a good reminder every now and then. Planners order more food than needed and have a few more chairs set up in case anyone who didn’t RSVP straggles in—why not do the same for transportation? Even if no one unexpectedly shows up, having more transportation than needed is always a wise idea.

  • Worst case scenario if you underestimate: Some guests won’t have transportation arrangements and will be inconvenienced by being picked up on a second trip back or having to resort to a questionable rideshare
  • Worst case scenario if you overestimate: You’ll have a few empty seats, and your guests can spread out.

2. Be diligent in scheduling. When you book your special event transportation, make sure to schedule loading windows so your guests have time to get to the vehicle. Consider the amount of time your drivers will have to sit idle for your guests.

3. Communicate. Leading up to and during the event, don’t assume everyone got the memo. Overcommunicate important times such as when the transportation will arrive, when and where it will depart, how long the commute will take, and when and where to return to the transportation following the event. You might want to get with that band leader or the event’s host to communicate these memos when they’re on the mic.

Special Event Transportation4. Signs. If your event requires multiple vehicles or will be at a venue that will have other similar vehicles in the parking lot, make sure you have clear signs that mark which vehicles are for your guests. Consider having the company or event logo—black and white is fine—on the signs with an identification number system. You might want to assign vehicles to your guests—e.g., 20 guests in Bus 1, 20 in Bus 2, and so on. If the transportation is to return guests to the parking lot, consider signs that say, “Transportation to Lot A.” Never leave your  guests guessing.

5. Parking. Some events are in multiple locations and require back-and-forth transportation. However, maybe your event is at one location—thus, not needing service during the event. If you plan on having your chauffeurs wait during the event, check the parking availability at or near the venue. You might need to cover a charge or plan for an unexpected hurdle.

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