5 Tips for Rocking a Bachelor Party with A Party Bus Rental in Atlanta

Party Bus Rental in Atlanta

Are you the best man at your best friend’s wedding and trying to arrange a memorable bachelor party? Look no further. For the last fling before the ring, take the groom and the guys on a party bus rental in Atlanta. The best present for the groom is a night he won’t forget—traveling around Atlanta in a party bus.

One of the key advantages of using a party bus for a bachelor party is that you don’t need to nominate a designated driver. You can be safe in the knowledge that guests won’t be drinking and driving that night. Here are five tips that make for the best bachelor parties on the bus.

Best Bachelor Party Ideas that go with a Party Bus Rental in Atlanta

Party Bus Rental in Atlanta1. Create a playlist of the groom’s favorite party music. Making the perfect playlist à la mixtape style is going to take some time. You need the right combination of tracks that will get the whole bachelor party rocking. Make sure there is a little something for everyone as well as those hits that bonded all the friends together at different defining times in their lives. Imagine hearing those jams pump through the larger-than-life sound system of a party bus rental in Atlanta; everyone will be amped.

2. Plan a theme. Think of this party as a blank canvas for your imagination. You can add a sports theme as perhaps you are trawling bars to catch a big sporting event. Wear your favorite jerseys and bring along a couple balloons and banners of the sports teams you all root for. How about going all out? The groom and the whole party can dress up to fit different themes such as movies, the ‘70s, zombies, superheroes, or pop culture—whatever your flavor.

3. Plan an inspired food and drinks menu. The food and drinks you choose can also speak to the theme for the evening by making the menu part of the unforgettable experience. If the groom is a foodie with a great love of exotic dishes, you can put on a special buffet with interesting hors-d’oeuvres. Perhaps you are going on a daredevil adventure journey for the night, which would be complemented will with food that takes true guts to eat. Don’t let the eats and drinks be an afterthought.

Party Bus Rental in Atlanta 4. Decide on great pit stops. While you could have a sensational time just hanging out on the bus, make sure you are stopping at some great places along the way. These small trips are often times the ones that make the biggest memories. Once you’ve had a bit of fun at the pit stop, you can get back on board the luxurious bus and head off in anticipation for the next big stop. The best man can keep the pit stops a secret so that the venues are great surprises for everyone on board.

5. Create a slideshow. Gather ’round and take a trip down memory lane. You can pick out images from the groom’s childhood and his life-defining moments. This’ll make for some great laughs and new memories alike.

Ready to Get Onboard?

These five tips mixed with a party bus call for an outstanding night. Give Divine Chariots Limousines a call at 404-549-9702 to book a party bus rental in Atlanta for your upcoming bachelor party. It’s the safest way to let the bachelor party guests let their hair down and have a wild night before the big wedding day. Contact us today to take the first steps to creating a rocking bachelor party on one of our party buses! To learn more about the benefits of professional transportation services, connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.