Air Transportation Specialists’ Advice for Having a Better Flight

Air TransportationHartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport—can’t live with it; can’t live without it. Atlanta is so lucky to have such a capable airport. Because of it, we can book a direct flight to pretty much anywhere in the world. The downside to that, Atlanta is home the busiest airport in the world. Long TSA lines lead to missed flights, so don’t get yourself in that pickle. For the best flight, here are a few pointers for air transportation.

Best Solutions to Air Transportation

Plan, plan, plan. That’s how most airport nightmares can be avoided.

Air Transportation1. Wear slip-on shoes. You know the rush you feel trying to put your change in your wallet while someone is behind you in the check-out lane? Imagine that times 10. Going through airport security, you’ll have to take off your shoes. Make sure you wear shoes that can be taken off and put back on in a reasonable time. Don’t panic too much, though: Benches available after this checkpoint if you need to take a few minutes to do put your shoes back on. Side note: You’ll have to remove your belt and jewelry, so dress like a minimalist.

2. Avoid checking bags. Sure, if you have a long trip or other circumstances, you can’t avoid this; however, consider a few things. You’re allowed two carry-on bags: One that can fit in the overhead compartment and one that can fit by your feet. A lot of people bring a moderately sized suitcase for the overhead, which will fit about a week plus worth of clothes, and then bring a small backpack that filled with essentials. This combination should be plenty for most trips. Though, be aware: You cannot take large quantities of liquids with you in a carry-on, so plan accordingly.

3. Charge your devices. The terminal, or waiting area, at an airport is full of people ball-and-chained to power outlets, charging their devices. Plan to avoid this. On busy days, you’ll have trouble finding seats near power outlets, causing you to either run on a low battery or sit at a different gate, which might cause you to miss an important announcement.

Air Transportation4. Make transportation plans. You wouldn’t believe how many people make last-minute plans for transportation. If you go asking around at the last minute, you probably won’t find much success. Your uncle might flake out, your best friend’s car can barely make it to Kroger not to mention the airport, and your mother shouldn’t be out on the roads. The last resort for a lot of people is Atlanta’s public transportation, but that’s a dangerous route to go. Imagine having all your luggage with you on the train; you would be a target. The other alternative would be to drive yourself, but imagine the parking costs. You’ll have to pay for each day you’re gone, which can add up fast. The best route is to get reliable air transportation.

5. Allow time. We can’t express this enough. Be extra safe when planning the day you’re flying out. Getting to the airport two hours prior to your flight’s departure seems excessive, but you’ll thank yourself later. You might need to run a few errands before your flight takes off, and that’s fine; however, make arriving early your priority. If you’re too early, you can always wait it out; if you’re too late, you can’t call the plane to turn around. Consider the time it takes to park, go through security, check in, and board; don’t push it too close.

Make the Divine Choice

Traffic, directions, parking costs, public transportation—getting to the airport is a headache, but it doesn’t have to be. Divine Chariots Limousines has been serving Atlanta since 2005, and we have the fleet, know-how, and professionalism to get you there. For Atlanta’s best air transportation, choose Divine Chariots Limousines. Contact Divine Chariots Limousines today at 404-549-9702 and book today to ensure you’ll have the best flight. Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn for more on how our services can help you.