Airport Transportation Tips for Maneuvering the US’ Busiest Airports

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Making Traveling Easier with Airport Transportation

Whether you’re a Georgia resident or are just an ATL frequent, you know that Hartsfield-Jackson tops the list of the United States’ busiest airports. This is a fact us Atlantans are strangely proud of – until we have to visit the said airport. Taking a trip to ATL can be one of the more headache-inducing experiences a traveler could experience, even though we’ve done it time and time again. Navigating some of the country’s busier airports without knowing a few insights can be painful and stressful. If you have upcoming airport transportation plans to some of the country’s busiest airports, you will certainly benefit from the advice below.

Airport Transportation - InfographicOur Airport Transportation Specialists Give the Ins and Outs of the Busiest Airports

Everyone could have a positive experience at even the country’s busiest airports if they know the ins and outs of how to plan for and navigate through them. Below are the top busiest airports in the U.S. – in order. As airport transportation specialists, we’ve done a little digging to help you prep for the best experience possible at the country’s most active airports. We want to address some location-specific tips to help you travel better, aside from generic traveling tips like what to wear through security and how to pack for TSA. Here’s a brief guide on how to travel smoothly when visiting these airports.

1. Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport
Atlanta, Georgia (ATL)

As the airport with the most takeoffs and landings in the U.S., Hartsfield-Jackson sees the most traffic day in and day out. ATL has seven concourses labeled A–F and T. Travelers can access these concourses either by walking on moving walkways or taking a ride on the “Plane Train.” The subway-style “Plane Train” is standing room only with a few seats near the head and read of each car for those who are physically unable to stand.

If you are in ATL for a layover, the airport does have lounges, including one free for active military members, and cabins are rentable by the hour – located in Concourse B. Atlanta’s airport has myriad dining selections – from fast food to sit-down. Atlanta’s public transportation does have a stop directly inside of the airport, but traveling via MARTA can be time-consuming. We advise that you book professional airport transportation for the best airport experience.

In the past, we have compiled a guide for traveling through Hartsfield-Jackson. You can view our ATL tips by clicking here.

2. O’Hare International Airport
Chicago, Illinois (ORD)

What a traveler might not expect about ORD is that it’s nearly 17 miles away from Chicago. If you’re traveling into or out of the city, plan for a minimum of 30 minutes to travel between Chicago and its airport. ORD has four terminals: 1, 2, 3 and 5, which is for international flights.

Just like its destination, the Windy City’s airport if chockfull of amenities that should please any traveler. Complete with spas, designer shops and art exhibits, O’Hare International has plenty to do for anyone flying in, flying out or staying for a layover.

3. Los Angeles International Airport
Los Angeles, California (LAX)

As one of the larger airports on the list, LAX boasts nine terminals in a U-shaped order. With its mid-century architecture, Los Angeles International Airport allows travelers to venture between terminals via walkways or on its free shuttle.

In true Los Angeles fashion, LAX offers many unique, trendy and delicious places to eat. A few of note are Shake Shack, ink.sack, The Habit Burger Grill and 800 degrees. From pizza and burgers to fine dining and drinks, LAX has it all. Unfortunately, you’ll have to wait until you’re outside the airport to get your In-N-Out Burger fix.

Depending on your airline, Los Angeles International Airport has curbside check-in available. LAX also has pre-check available for quicker TSA times. We advise that you look into both of these for a shorter time spent getting to your gate.

4. Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport
Dallas-Ft. Worth, Texas (DFW)

Everything’s bigger in Texas, including its top airport. Luckily for travelers, Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport is quite easy to navigate. It has five terminals labeled A–E, and D is designated for international flights. The terminals are connected through a free train service called “Skylink.” Ride times average just five minutes, and riders can count on a train to arrive every two minutes during its daily 24-hour operation.

DFW offers amenities for the whole family including dining options, a playground and even therapy dogs, which travelers are encouraged to interact with in Terminal B.

5. John F. Kennedy International Airport 

New York City (JFK)

Named after one of the United States’ most beloved presidents, John F. Kennedy International Airport is an airport travelers use to get to New York, New Jersey and the rest of the world with connecting flights.

Much like the other airports on this list, JFK has an abundance to do such as visiting its spa and taking a lap around the Metropolitan Museum of Art Store. John F. Kennedy International Airport has many lounges, some of which are not exclusive to loyalty airline members.

JFK’s six terminals serve over 70 airlines. Travelers can commute to the different terminals by the “AirTrain,” which is similar to other airports’ shuttle or train system.

Airport Transportation Makes Your Trip Divine

Traveling can be a stressful process for anyone – even if you do it on a weekly basis for work. One of the more taxing parts of a trip to the airport is getting there. Using ride share services can be questionable considering safety, reliability and professionalism. Parking at the airport or using a parking service that provides a shuttle is time-consuming and expensive, especially considering the risk of having your car vandalized or its battery dying while you’re away. The most dependable airport transportation option for the vacationer, businessperson or anyone who travels is a car service.

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