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2018 Travel Trends According to Atlanta Airport Transportation Specialists

Vacation travel trends are ever-changing. Think back to when Route 66, Mount Rushmore and Grand Canyon National Park were premier destinations for families. That’s not to say that these landmarks aren’t stunning, but travel trends are always fluctuating. The must-see destinations of yesterday get the “been there, done that” stamp by many, so what are the next trends in vacation travel? Your experts in Atlanta airport transportation are here to share where vacation travel is headed next.

Vacationing in 2018 from the Perspective of Atlanta Airport Transportation Experts

Are vacationers still hitting the road in RVs? Are employees who were granted PTO obligated to work during their time away from the office? Vacations are different now than back when we had to pack disposable cameras instead of phone chargers. Nowadays, every seat on most airplanes has a touch screen with endless content to choose from, almost as if you never left your living room. Flights no longer require you to turn off all electronic devices – just put them in airplane mode. Flying is so different than it was just 10 years ago. Don’t worry – most flights still give you a complimentary snack and beverage.

Atlanta Airport Transportation - VacationDestination Versus Experience

Even though Vegas tried with its popular hotel, nothing can capture the ambiance of New York City. That being said, New York City can’t replicate the experiences had in Las Vegas. In 2018, it’s hard to find a corner of the world that hasn’t been documented. To many travelers, the destination doesn’t have the same zing as it used to.

Sometimes, the destination and the experience can be combined in one. Climbing to the top of the Statue of Liberty is the equivalent of climbing a 20-story building. Imagine the sense of accomplishment you’ll get after ascending to the top of Lady Liberty and viewing the skyline of NYC from her crown. It’s the same achievement you’ll feel after venturing to see the scenic Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Traditional Hotels Versus Alternatives

In the past, a lot of families would lie their heads down to rest in roadside motels and hotels. While there’s nothing wrong with booking a motel or hotel in 2018, vacationers should consider looking into alternatives such as booking cabins, condos and other vacation-style villas – all of which might be economical options if you’re traveling with a large group. Third-party booking sites such as Airbnb are highly acclaimed for affordable housing while on vacation.

Work Versus Relaxation

According to a recent study by AARP, 74 percent of millennials prepare to bring work while on vacation. That number goes down to 65 percent for Gen Xers, and 56 percent of boomers prepare to work during their PTO time away from the office. Do employees have an obligation to work while on vacation? That can depend on your office’s dynamics, your seniority and your approach to time off. The trend in 2018 is to anticipate to handle some work-related tasks when on vacation, but that varies from case to case.

Atlanta Airport Transportation - SignAtlanta Airport Transportation Versus MARTA

The great thing about the options for Atlanta airport transportation is that the MARTA station ends up inside of the airport. Though this is a convenient drop-off location, using MARTA is not the recommended Atlanta airport transportation method. With the many stops along the route, traveling from North Fulton to Hartsfield-Jackson can take well over an hour – oftentimes over 90 minutes. This means travelers would have to leave their house over four hours prior to boarding. MARTA is also not advised for travelers to use because they will have all their luggage with them while on the train and station. Using public transportation while holding luggage is not recommended, especially if you’re traveling with valuables.

Some travelers might opt to park their car at the airport or at a third-party park-and-fly service. The problem with parking your car in a lot or parking deck over your vacation is that you leave it susceptible to break-ins. Also, consider the time spent waiting for a shuttle or the jarring costs to use these services. One more concern to keep in mind is that your vehicle’s battery might die after long-term parking. This could leave you stranded in a parking lot, relying on the kindness of a stranger to give you a jumpstart.

The most effective, reliable and reasonable Atlanta airport transportation is through a professional transportation company. Booking professional transportation will ensure that you arrive at the airport on time while eliminating the burden of looking up directions and fighting with traffic.

Atlanta Airport Transportation - InfographicTop Vacation Spots in 2018

Whether you’re going away on vacation to relax or to take in the sights and experiences of your destination, below are a few of 2018’s top vacation locations.

In the U.S.
1. Asheville, North Carolina

Between the stunningly gorgeous Biltmore Estate and the nearby national parks, Asheville is a great destination for those wanting some peaceful time off. Thrill seekers can scratch their itch with the area’s many zip line courses.

2. New Orleans, Louisiana

From being a historic town that has endless food selections to the party scene that comes alive at night, the “Big Easy” is a great getaway for anyone.

3. San Francisco, California

The Bay Area is home to some of the country’s most iconic structures and city life. What makes San Francisco a must-see destination are the spectacular surrounding areas. Northern California has beautiful topography, excellent weather year-round and breathtaking views.

International Travel
1. Sydney, Australia

Sydney has some of the most instantly recognizable icons that need to be seen in person. Combine that with the crystal-clear waters surrounding the city, and you have yourself a can’t-miss vacation spot.

2. Marrakech, Morocco

While you might know some of Africa’s more prominent landmarks such as the Great Pyramids of Giza, Marrakech is an incredible destination. Home to some of the world’s top resorts, you’ll travel in comfort while seeing historic sites that will leave any traveler speechless.

3. Iguazu Falls, Brazil and Argentina

While Niagara Falls and Victoria Falls might be on your bucket list, don’t forget to take a trip to South America’s most immaculate waterfall. Think of Iguazu Falls as the Grand Canyon of waterfalls, but not even that description does it justice.

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