Car Service Atlanta to Nashville, Getting Your Music Talent There Smoothly

Car Services Atlanta to Nashville - Nashville Gig Musicians

A Car Service Atlanta to Nashville Will Make Your Show the Gig of a Lifetime

You could walk into any venue on Nashville’s Music Row and hear the best music you’ve ever heard in your life. The quality of talent that ends up in Nashville is unbelievably impressive, pleasing and enjoyable. Playing in Music City is a great way for musicians to get recognized – not to mention playing in the city’s venues can bring up some of a musician’s best moments while on stage. For many musicians, playing in Nashville is the opportunity of a lifetime, which could be their big break. After booking your Nashville gig, don’t forget to book a quality car service Atlanta to Nashville.

How a Car Service Atlanta to Nashville Will Improve Your Trip

As a talent agent, you are always working extra hard with your client’s best interest in mind. If your client is able to book gigs in Nashville, gone are the days that they have to load up a beat-up van and pray that the engine doesn’t fail during the trip from Atlanta to Nashville. Your talented client should be treated with class, and there’s no better way to do so than with a car service Atlanta to Nashville.Car Services Atlanta to Nashville - Band Van

Booking a professional car service for your client will allow them to relax in luxury and get in the right state-of-mind before the gig. The stress of driving long-distance on highways can be physically draining, which is obviously not conducive for playing the show of a lifetime. A gig in Nashville could lead to so many opportunities you wouldn’t get anywhere else. To maximize chases for future top-tier gigs, you want your client to be in the best mindset prior to the show in addition to having plenty of rest. The anxiety of driving a beater and experiencing fatigue as a result of the drive from Atlanta to Nashville are not in your client’s best interest. One of the best ways you could prep your client would be booking a car service Atlanta to Nashville.

Car Services Atlanta to Nashville - Nashville SkylineCar services provide professional transportation in every facet. If your client needs to arrive discretely, car services can help with that. Whether you want to keep the hotel they’re staying in private or would prefer to avoid the media upon arrival, count on professional car services to help you arrive as discretely as possible. Alternatively, if your client arrives in a van or bus, they will have a target on them that will give a clear indicator to the media and fans where the musician is.

One major aspect of traveling for a gig is accounting for how to transport gear. Consider what needs to be moved. You might have an entire band that needs a PA system, drum set, keyboard, a few guitars and wind instruments transported. We have all heard the horror stories of touring bands having their gear stolen out of the group’s van. Be prepared and travel as safely as possible by booking professional car services.

Tips to Consider when Booking a Nashville Show

Car Services Atlanta to Nashville - InfographicEven long-tenured musicians’ performances can fall flat if it’s their first in Nashville, but that’s only if they don’t prepare for it correctly. Playing out-of-market must be approached in a certain way, especially for the competitive music scene of Nashville. In addition to booking a car service Atlanta to Nashville, below are a few insights for playing your first Music City gig.

1. Have Realistic Expectations

If this if your client’s first time playing a show in this market, they probably won’t garner more than 400 guests. Unless you truly believe your client can pull in a bigger crowd, plan to play your first Nashville gig in a moderately small venue – despite how popular the client has been in their home market. If the show sells out, you can always try switching venues or adding another night; this is a common practice for even the biggest artists. Just a few years ago, Adele added two additional Los Angeles shows in the midst of her 2016 U.S. tour after original show sold out within moments.

2. Get Connected

Local support is incredibly important in Nashville’s music scene. Bands and artists from other markets will struggle in Nashville if they don’t take the initiative to connect with other groups and support one another. Gaining traction in a new market is hard work, and it’s almost like starting over again.

3. Get a Press List

Once the gig is booked, make sure to get a press list to start publicizing the event. The more people who know about the show, the better. In Nashville, getting a press list is just as important as promoting the event on social media.

4. Your Frontman Must Be Engaging

In some venues, getting tips is just as important as the base pay itself. Most recommend to not take any breaks during your set because you never want to lose the audience. If your frontman is not engaging in between songs, the crowd might become disinterested and leave for another bar in the area, which means you lose out on your tips. Musicians can essentially double their pay when they provide an entertaining show with music and likable transitions.

5. Plan with Gear in Mind

Are you bringing your own gear or planning on using the venue’s? Some venues charge a production fee, which allows you to rent their PA system during your gig. Consider the costs of transporting your gear versus borrowing the venue’s. Also, keep in mind that the venue’s gear might be a downgrade from what your client typically uses.

Book with Divine Chariots Limousines for Car Service Atlanta to Nashville

Set your client up for success by putting them in an opportunity to thrive. With our car services Atlanta to Nashville, Divine Chariots Limousines can ensure that your client will safely arrive on time. Our professional, reliable and top-rated services will make the Nashville gig much more successful and memorable. Divine Chariots Limousines is committed to providing reliable professional car services to eliminate any transportation worries you might have. We’ll be happy to help with transportation for your upcoming gig; just don’t forget about us when you’re topping the charts! Contact us today at 404-549-9702 or reserve a quote online. For more on how our services can make your Nashville gig simply divine, connect with us on FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn.

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