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Car Services Atlanta - Vacation Budget

Don’t Break the Bank on Vacation with the Help of a Car Services Atlanta Provider

The expenses associated with vacations can be weighty, especially for young families or large families. Some start the vacation planning process but opt to not make reservations after the jarring price. If a vacation seems unreasonable to you after crunching the numbers, try again. Divine Chariots, your premier Car Services Atlanta provider, is here to give you a few tips on how to get the vacation you deserve on the budget you can afford.

Your Car Services Atlanta Adviser Shares, How to Vacation on a Budget

You might fantasize about vacationing in paradise but never dreamed of being able to afford it. Well, the truth of the matter is: You can afford it! Below are a few tips from a car services Atlanta authority for your vacation planning process for traveling on a budget.

Car Services Atlanta - Family Vacation1. Go Off the Beaten Path

Every family vacation has ended up at Walt Disney World or Disneyland at some point, but that doesn’t mean every family vacation needs to end up there. Tickets are well over $100 per person now, and it’s easy to understand why – millions of people flock to these places every year. The demand is there, which is why places like this can charge so much. Challenge yourself to find a hole in the wall or a destination’s best-kept secret. Ask for recommendations from your friends. Since these places have lower attendance, they should have reasonable prices that won’t break the bank. As a bonus, you’ll have a truly unique vacation.

2. Avoid the Busy Season

Perhaps you have to plan around school schedules and quarterly ends at work, but get creative and try to plan your vacations opposite of when most people travel. Summertime, Thanksgiving and the holiday season are typically peak times for travel. In most cases, the early months of the year and the beginning of September – when schools are back in session – are the slower times of the year. When planning a vacation during slow periods, keep in mind that some attractions might be closed or have reduced hours. Plan accordingly ahead of time.

Car Services Atlanta - Family Vacation3. Shopping

A destination is only as good as its food. Well, a vacation is only as expensive as its food. Think of all the times you eat out while traveling. Those meals add up to be quite expensive. Wherever you go, try to eat in as much as possible. Visit the local grocery store and utilize the kitchenette or whatever kitchen appliances you have access to. If you’ll be in the car for a while, bring snacks from home rather than spending money at a convenience store when you want a snack. To save on your costs, keep in mind that some hotels provide toiletries. Call ahead of time to ask whether they supply complimentary toiletries. This could help you avoid buying travel-sized toiletries before your trip.

4. Avoid Checking Bags

Most airlines allow two carry-on items. This includes one for the overhead compartment and one that can fit by your feet. Try to pack as light as possible to avoid checking a bag. Keep in mind that you will have to pay to check a bag both ways on your flight. Also, for the safety of you and those around you, you will have to abide by TSA rules – including but not limited to their policies on liquids and electronics – if you do not check a bag. The reason being is because all carry-on bags have to be screened by TSA.

Some flights offer a complimentary bag check at the gate. This happens when the flight has extra cargo space but is getting limited in overhead storage as the flight is boarding.

car services Atlanta - infographic5. Budget for Meals and Souvenirs

Some of the more unexpected expenses when traveling are food and souvenirs. To expound on what was mentioned earlier about saving money on food, consider budgeting your meals. For example, if you’re paying for the whole crew to eat out at a restaurant, don’t be afraid to set a spending limit – e.g., don’t order anything more than $15 and/or order a water in place of a fountain drink.

As far as souvenirs go, it’s impossible to predict what you’ll come across, but try to make a list of who you’d like to buy souvenirs for. Give yourself a limit of how much you’ll spend on each one and add up the total. Adjust the amounts if you believe the total is too high or low. Keep in mind that it might fluctuate as the trip goes on. Also, consider the destination you’re going to. Maybe someone in your family is a fan of that destination’s local sports team, so he or she might get a more expensive gift than a loved one who doesn’t particularly have an interest in where you’re visiting. These are judgment calls you’ll have to make.

Planning the Perfect Staycation in Atlanta

Maybe traveling out of town can’t work out this year – that doesn’t mean that you can’t take some much-needed time off! Lucky for us Georgians, Atlanta is a great destination and makes for the perfect staycation. Here are a few ideas on how to make your time off in Atlanta into a memorable vacation.

1. Downtown Atlanta

The City of Atlanta has so much to offer in the way of sightseeing. With its rich history, amazing cultural arts and stunning views, you are sure to find something for everyone.

2. Six Flags Over Georgia

Since the park is constantly offering discounts, a trip to Six Flags isn’t as expensive as you might think. This is a great day trip for the whole family, and the brand-new Twisted Cyclone offers a thrill that wasn’t available in years past.

3. Hiking

Atlanta surprisingly has a lot to offer for those who love the outdoors. One trail of note is Sweetwater Creek, which is the site of a few filming locations of a few prominent movies. This is perfect for the outdoorsy type and all movie buffs.

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Parking prices at the airport are shocking. Leaving your car prone to break-ins while paying a daily fee isn’t the wisest decision – not to mention the chance of returning to your car after your vacation to find out it has a dead battery. Divine Chariots Limousines is committed to providing reliable car services Atlanta options to eliminate any transportation worries you might have. Contact us today at 404-549-9702 or reserve a quote online. For more on how our services can make your vacation simply divine, connect with us on FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn.

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