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Make Your International Business Trip Easy with Corporate Travel

For a lot of us, flying internationally is uncharted territory, especially when it’s for business. Whether this is your first international business trip or just one of many, there’s always a little room to make traveling for business smoother. The corporate travel professionals at Divine Chariots Limousines share their expertise about international business trip tips.

Before and During Your Flight

You might have packing and planning down to a science, but here are a few considerations for international corporate travel.

1. Check Your Cellphone Coverage

Before heading overseas, contact your phone service provider to learn about your international coverage. They will be able to help you to learn about what your coverage will be like where you’re traveling and what additional fees might apply. Knowing how your cell phone will work overseas is essential prior to departing.

2. Make Sure to Stand Up

A lot of travelers can get through a flight across the continental U.S. without standing up, but you shouldn’t do so on an international flight. We advise that you stand up periodically on your flight to prevent blood clots, which are more common for those

3. Have a Voltage AdapterCorporate Travel - Universal Voltage Adapters

In case you were unaware, different destinations have different outlets. What’s standard in the U.S. is not necessarily standard where you’re going. REI has put together a comprehensive list of the different type of plugs and electrical information for common destinations. While this is a good starting point, do your own research to ensure that you are properly prepared to use foreign outlets without posing a fire hazard.

4. Keep an Eye on Your Belongings

Keeping an eye on your property is incredibly important when traveling. Airport theft happens, so keep track of all your carry-on items. Each time you move from one location to another – such as from the security checkpoint to your gate – always check to see whether your valuables are still with you. Never leave your bags out of sight; take them into the bathroom with you if you need to use it. Watching your belongings is especially important when you take items out. For example, you might take out your laptop at the gate or on the airplane to get a head start on some work. If you do so, always pack up all your belongings after. During the rush of traveling, leaving behind a charger, notebook or even your laptop is completely possible – even for the most organized traveler.

While You’re There

Every destination will be different and unique, but don’t forget the following for any international corporate travel location you go to.

1. Study the Culture

You can only make a first impression once. Prepare before and be very aware during your trip of some of the customs. Learn how the locals greet each other and – more importantly – what they aren’t doing. Whenever you travel, do your best to not impose your culture on those around you. As a guest to them, make sure you honor their culture.

Corporate Travel - International Cash2. Always Carry Cash

When traveling internationally, be on the safe side and travel with cash. You never know when you’re going to need it, and you don’t want to be left stranded with no means to make a purchase if necessary. Of course, be conscious of how much you’re spending. Look into what smartphone apps can help you keep track of what you’re spending. This can get confusing especially when you’re converting between currencies.

3. Be Conscious of What You Eat

Throughout your trip, you’ll probably get a lot of free treats. This can be a really fun way to try some of the local snacks, but be mindful of what you’re putting in your body. Look at the ingredients and identify if they contain anything you’re allergic to. Also, you might be tempted to eat out a lot and get adventurous with your meals, but remember that you’re traveling for work. Do not eat anything or an amount that will put you at risk of missing time from work because of an illness.

4. Routine and Traveling

When traveling for work, it can be easy to get caught up in the travel part of the trip. While there’s nothing wrong with sight-seeing and tasting the local cuisine, business travelers need to find a nice balance between vacationing and work. Don’t burn out on taking in what the destination has to offer; remember that you’re there for business first. This isn’t to say that you can’t enjoy the destination, but make sure you’re giving your job its all while traveling.

What Not to Worry About

Don’t stress the little things. Before your international corporate travel trip, don’t move heaven and earth for these points below.

Corporate Travel - International Languages1. Learning the Local Language

Learning a new language is great for professional and personal growth, but you don’t need to buy Rosetta Stone for a one-time trip. Certainly, don’t hesitate to learn a few terms in the native language of where you’re going, but don’t overextend yourself by learning a broken version of that language. Below are just a few terms you should be familiar with before your trip:

  • Hello
  • Goodbye
  • Thank You
  • You’re Welcome
  • Sorry

Though you might not use these terms yourself, know the very basics of a language is helpful when traveling abroad. Please note that if you are not fluent in the language that you should take precautions for activities that include the language. This is especially important for driving as road signs will be in a foreign language. We advise, if you are driving alone, that you print out directions in addition to relying on a GPS.

2. Jetlag

Some travelers spend weeks leading up to their trip preparing for jetlag. Yes, jetlag is inevitable. Despite how much you try to prepare for it, jetlag is unavoidable. Different people travel in different ways, but anticipating jetlag by prepping for it weeks in advance is generally not worth the effort.

Corporate Travel - Airport Transportation Atlanta3. Wi-Fi

Leading up to the trip, you might be stressed out, wondering whether the destination you’re going to has access to Wi-Fi. Well, if you have any doubts, contact the hotel you will be staying at and simply ask if they have Wi-Fi available; they most likely will. Keep in mind that some of the coffee shops or communal areas in your destination might not have public Wi-Fi available.

4. Driving to the Airport

One of the more stressful parts about going to the airport is wondering how you’re going to get there. Some travelers might opt for airport parking, which can be costly in more ways than one. On top of the daily fares charged for parking your vehicle in a lot, you will leave your car susceptible to theft at an airport parking lot. Make the worries of MARTA or driving to the airport a non-issue by hiring a corporate travel company.

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