Corporate Travel Atlanta Shares Security Tips for Your Next Business Trip

Corporate Travel Atlanta - Business Trip Safety

Traveling Wisely with Corporate Travel Atlanta

Some might think traveling for business is a nuisance, but others might look forward to the chance to get out of the office. In any case, business travel must be approached with precautions. Traveling for business is not dangerous per se, but it can be if you don’t take the proper safety measures to ensure that you have a hassle-free trip. Our corporate travel Atlanta experts have compiled the top precautions for you to take before and during your next business trip.

Business Trip Safety Tips from Corporate Travel Atlanta Experts

Corporate Travel Atlanta - InfographicThe staff here at Divine Chariots Limousines, the premiere corporate travel Atlanta transportation company, know all the ins and outs of traveling for business. Below are just a few of their insights to help you travel as safely as possible on your next business trip.

Internet Safety

When traveling, especially for business, practicing internet safety is essential. For example, public Wi-Fi networks are typically not safe to work on, especially if you are working with sensitive or private information for your work. Examples of such networks include those at coffee shops or the airport. As a general rule, do not join networks that are not password-protected. That’s why you should disable your auto connect feature. However, if you have to use a public Wi-Fi network while you’re traveling for business, consider using a trustworthy virtual private network service. VPN services allow you to safely use public Wi-Fi networks because they provide you with optimal privacy. Keep in mind that this is not a perfect solution because VPNs cannot provide absolute privacy, but they certainly minimize your digital footprint.

Phone and Laptop Safety

While it’s unsettling to think about, consider the possibility that you will lose your phone, laptop or tablet during your trip. Though unlikely, travelers need to prepare for this by protecting their phones. Make sure it has a strong password on the home screen. Do not save or store any passwords on your phone. This includes your banking information, your work or personal email login, and any other sensitive information that you would not want to be compromised. Additionally, you should make sure your operating system and anti-virus software are up-to-date. Updating these will optimize your device’s security with the latest software.

Protect Your Belongings

When traveling for business, you’ll probably have a lot to keep track of such as a laptop, a tablet, important documents and your phone. In addition to your everyday items like your wallet or purse and keys, properly store said belongings so that they are not left vulnerable to theft or getting lost. This might seem obvious, but always keep tabs on your items at all times of your busy trip. It can certainly be easy to lose track of something when traveling for business because you’ll have a lot on your mind at all times.

Check Your Bank Account

Whether you’re using a personal or company card, keep an eye on your bank account to make sure your information was not compromised. If you use an online banking app, do not save your password or thumbprint to it per the technology safety tips stated above. When you travel, there is a chance that your card will be canceled by the bank as a safety precaution. This is because the bank flagged your purchases made in a different area as potential acts of theft. Either bring multiple methods of payment or notify your bank when and where you’re traveling so that they are aware that these out-of-the-ordinary purchases were authorized by you.

Corporate Travel Atlanta - Hotel Safe for Business TravelUse Your Hotel’s Safe

Most hotel rooms have a safe available for guests. If you go out for the day and have no need for something valuable such as your company-issued laptop, storing these belongings in the safe is a fantastic way to ensure the items will be secure and will not be stolen. Though uncommon, housekeepers sometimes steal belongings out of hotel rooms. That’s why using your room’s safe is your best option. With each use, you’re able to create a new and unique passcode. Therefore, anyone else who enters the room cannot get into your safe because you created the safe’s pin. Of course, make a note of your pin so that you can reference it later if needed.

Remember Your Home

Any time you travel, don’t forget to prepare your home ahead of time. A house that appears dormant can quickly become a target. Help make your home look occupied even while you’re away by putting lights on timers, asking your neighbors to bring in your trashcans and other items, and making sure your lawn is kempt before you embark. In most areas, you can contact USPS to request that they hold your mail during your trip.

Corporate Travel Atlanta: The Best Business Travel Option

Corporate Travel Atlanta - Professional TransportationWithout professional transportation, business travel would not be the same. Whether your business trip involves going to the airport or taking a long road trip to another state, corporate travel Atlanta can surely make your trip go smoothly. All the worries of driving can be a non-issue by booking a professional transportation service. Let the professionals take care of the driving so that you can divert your focus to what really matters to you. Use the time you would’ve spent behind the wheel by prepping for a meeting, studying to prime your mind or simply getting ahead on some work for your trip.

Traffic, directions and the overall headache that is driving in Atlanta – don’t let these worries bog you down before your trip. By booking car services, you can relax while the professionals reliably get you to your destination. Rather than fighting with your smartphone’s unreliable directions, get a chance to get some work done or get some much-needed downtime before you leave for a filled-to-the-brim business trip.

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