Make Your Wedding Memorable with Special Event Transportation

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Say Yes to Special Event Transportation

With creative and romantic hashtags surfacing on social media, wedding season is here and in full stride. What an exciting time. Bridesmaids and groomsmen are getting their invitations, and as the brides are picking out their dresses and the grooms are finding the perfect tux, make special event transportation a priority in the wedding planning process. It’s a service that some couples forego, but the event as a whole goes a lot smoother with the help of professional transportation.

Special Event Transportation for Your Wedding

Special Event Transportation - BrideYour wedding day is only going to come around once. It’s such a special, once-in-a-lifetime moment that will stay with you forever. Your memory’s lens will be completely open the entire day, documenting every moment to be retained for the rest of your life. With family and friends visiting from out of town, it’s customary to treat them with the utmost hospitality. Making their visit as easeful as possible can make a tremendous difference in their time away from home. Offer special event transportation for your out-of-town guests because they might not be familiar with the roads or would prefer to take a backseat on their trip.

As for the bride, groom and their families, professional transportation can take a lot of stress off your big day. Without the worries of driving, you can direct your focus to the details of the day, ensuring everything goes perfectly. Declutter your mind from the headaches of directions and traffic. Avoid any bumps along the road on your wedding day by treating yourself to special event transportation.

One of the more memorable and picturesque moments of any wedding is the sendoff. This is when the bride and the groom drive off and start their life as a married couple. Imagine just getting married and then having to pull out directions on your phone while the groom drives. The joy and purity of the moment are lost a little. When you book professional transportation, you can take in the moment and enjoy every minute ― the first with your now-spouse.

Using Special Event Transportation for Your Guests

Some venues have complicated parking situations. Never leave it up to your guests to walk from an off-site parking lot to the wedding venue. If your event will require your guests to park outside of an appropriate walking distance considering they will be in formal attire, then arrange special event transportation to shuttle them from the parking lot to the venue. Offering a sprinter or a coach bus to your event will leave a lasting impression on your guests and make the outing comfortable, special and enjoyable for everyone.

Special Event Transportation - InfographicOverlooked Wedding Ideas

Now that you’ve taken your upcoming wedding to the next level with special event transportation, let’s take a look at other considerations that are often unrealized before the big day. These little details will make your special event into one that’s truly memorable.

1. Aisle Runner

Though your ring bearer might decide to sprint down the aisle, that’s not what we’re talking about. Having an aisle runner will look great in photos while giving your event a touch more class.

2. Table Numbers

Table numbers are incredibly helpful if you have a seating chart. If you’re crafty, the table numbers can be an elegant decoration to each table. This can a simple flower vase with a number painted on it. Consider also using place cards for where each guest will sit.

3. Programs

If for no other reason, programs are appreciated by your guests in the summer months so that they may fan themselves if they so choose.

4. Tissues

Understandably, people get emotional at weddings. Consider having a few boxes of tissues handy so that people can dab their teary eyes.

5. Customized Napkins

If you’re opting to use disposable napkins for your reception, you could make them special and consistent with your event by customizing them. They could include your initials, ceremony colors and the date of your ceremony.

6. Kid’s Table

If you have a dedicated kid’s table or know where each child will be sitting for the reception, make the night special for them by providing crayons and paper for them to occupy themselves with. This is much better than them getting antsy and wanting to run around during dinner.

7. Personality

You might’ve read every listicle and Pinterest post about weddings, but don’t forget to make it unique. Add a flair that only you can come up with. What are you and your soon-to-be spouse into? Leave your fingerprints on the event by making it tailored to your personalities.

8. Bridal Outfits

Some of the cutest pictures from a wedding are the getting ready pictures the bride and her bridesmaids take. Treat them to matching bridesmaids robes to have picturesque moments from beginning to end.

9. Toiletries

Whatever the bathroom situation is at the venue, make sure to bring a small emergency kit to keep on the vanity. Products like stain remover, mouthwash and a lint roller could save your guests from embarrassment. Make your guests feel as comfortable as possible.

10. Sendoff

One of the more exhilarating moments of any wedding is the sendoff. It’s that moment when you and your now-spouse get to take in the first few moments of marriage. The wedding guests will send off the couple with a bang. This is usually done by the guests forming a walkway and celebrating with sparklers or some other flashy item. Sparklers might work for some couples, but look into what will fit your event, venue and needs.

Choose Divine Chariots Limousines for Your Special Event Transportation

First off, congratulations on your impending marriage. Let Divine Chariots Limousines celebrate this momentous, once-in-a-lifetime day with you. We are a special event transportation company that is committed to reliable, professional and exceptional services. Contact us today at 404-549-9702 or reserve a quote online. For more on how our services can make your wedding simply divine, connect with us on FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn.