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Corporate Travel Advice for the International Business Trip

Make Your International Business Trip Easy with Corporate Travel For a lot of us, flying internationally is uncharted territory, especially when it’s for business. Whether this is your first international business trip or just one of many, there’s always a little room to make traveling for business smoother. The corporate travel professionals at Divine Chariots […]

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Tips for Making Corporate Travel a VIP Experience

Some might call business on the go a necessary evil. The epitome of what could go wrong in corporate travel is best highlighted—or lowlighted—in the 1987 comedy classic, Planes, Trains and Automobiles. That movie is a series of nightmare-inducing events that haunt business travelers. Whether to a tradeshow or to the airport, get the VIP […]

Corporate Travel Service in Atlanta

Corporate Travel Service in Atlanta—10 Best Restaurant Choices

In the business world, meeting over coffee is a very common practice for an informal yet productive meeting. Sometimes, meeting over coffee just doesn’t cut it. Meeting over a meal is a great, opportune way to meet and take care of a little business. With so many of us sharing the common interest of food, […]