Tips for choosing an Atlanta car service

Getting anywhere in Atlanta can be a hassle. This isn’t just about the city’s legendary traffic congestion, either; there are almost too many options when it comes to finding a way to reach your destination. MARTA is an option for those traveling inside the perimeter, and taxis and Uber can cover the bases if you are heading for the suburbs. But one transportation choice stands head and shoulders above the rest when it comes to getting around our southern city: Divine Chariots Limousine’s Atlanta car service.

Why choose an Atlanta car service?

Simply put; an Atlanta car service comes without the potential problems and headaches that come bundled with atlanta car serviceevery other transportation choice. For example, MARTA trains run on schedules and only to extremely specific places, meaning after hours travel or travel outside a certain radius is impossible. MARTA also has bus services, but for someone on-the-go and in a rush it is too limited and not a viable option. Taxi services can also come with a significant wait time and can be hugely expensive for any kind of extended travel. Finally, Uber is a much more popular option these days, but you never really know who is going to be behind the wheel when a car shows up. Could it be a mom or dad, looking to make a few extra bucks? Or someone with points on their license and maybe a DUI or two on their record? You never really know.

When you choose Divine Chariots Limousine’s Atlanta car service, you know you are getting the very best in Atlanta transportation. We run on your schedule, and all of our chauffeurs are reliable and safe. All of our drivers must face extensive FBI background checks before they are hired, so you can be sure your chauffeur is a great one. We offer in-town travel, airport pickups and drop offs, as well as out of state travel. Our corporate travel options are second to none, and our fleet of high end luxury vehicles can’t be beat by an Uber driver still rocking his old Geo Metro. And passenger volume isn’t an issue, either; if you and 20 of your closest friends need a ride, we have buses that can accommodate everyone easily. If you want a high-end experience without all the worries and hassles, Divine Chariots Limousine’s Atlanta car service is what you need.

Set up a ride today!

If you want the best value, the highest quality in vehicles and chauffeurs and the best overall experience, Divine Chariots Limousine’s Atlanta car service should be your first phone call. Since 2005, Divine Chariots Limousine has been a leader in Atlanta transportation, and our continued success proves that when it comes to getting you where you need to be, we are the best option you’ve got. Give us a call today at (404) 549-9702 or request a quote or pickup online today. We look forward to helping you get where you need to be.