Tips for Making Corporate Travel a VIP Experience

Corporate Travel

Some might call business on the go a necessary evil. The epitome of what could go wrong in corporate travel is best highlighted—or lowlighted—in the 1987 comedy classic, Planes, Trains and Automobiles. That movie is a series of nightmare-inducing events that haunt business travelers. Whether to a tradeshow or to the airport, get the VIP treatment with professional transportation.

Practical Ways to Improve Your Corporate Travel

Even if you’re not a C-level executive with a corner office, the VIP experience is not one to miss. Improve your upcoming corporate travel with a different approach to your trip. The VIP experience is usually about upgrades and upcharges to be pampered, but here’s how to mimic that experience while on a budget.

Corporate TravelAvoid jetlag. This one will take some effort, but this could change the whole tone of your trip. Those of us who are frequent in corporate travel know jetlag can be a drag. Something as simple as having our internal clocks out of whack could throw off an entire trip. To avoid a groggy trip, try to adjust your internal clock ahead of time—if possible. For example, if you’re visiting the West Coast, wake up a few hours early a couple days before your trip. This isn’t as bad as you might think! We all have New Year’s resolutions; waking up early will give you the perfect excuse to hit the gym, write in your journal, do some meal prepping, or whatever your resolution may be.

Eat locally. One of the top perks of traveling is trying out the destination’s food. Whether you’re visiting somewhat near to home or a place that requires a passport, half of the destination is the local food. Sure, you’re traveling for business, but don’t let that stop you from making your experience a bit more impressive. From Kansas City’s barbecue to the exotic offerings overseas, don’t settle for PB&J sandwiches or chain restaurants on your trip. Even if you’re staying near home for an expo, try something new downtown for more of a VIP experience.Corporate Travel

Let someone else handle the driving. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride. This might be the most obvious way to make an ordinary trip into a VIP experience, but it’s such an upgrade. Between riding in luxury; throwing cares like directions, traffic, and parking out the window; and not worrying about driving in an unfamiliar area, having the driving taken care of is the best choice you can make when traveling.

Let Us Take Care of the Transportation

Your forte is your business; our forte is driving. At Divine Chariots Limousines, we offer corporate travel and other professional transportation services that will make your trip simply divine. Our chauffeurs offer a safe trip through discretion and professionalism that will make your trip a true VIP experience. Contact Divine Chariots Limousines at 404-549-9702 or request a quote today. Connect with us on FacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn for more on how our services can help you.