Wedding Transportation: Making the Most of Your Special Day

Wedding TransportationJust because this year’s summer is in the books doesn’t mean that wedding season is a thing of the past. Fall and winter weddings call for a classy affair. Even if you’re planning for a wedding in the spring or summer, you know that the time to start planning and booking is now. You’ve got the venue, food, and music covered, but don’t overlook one of the more important aspects of your special day: wedding transportation.

Get Wedding Transportation that Deserves a Standing Ovation

Wedding TransportationI’ll always cherish the moment that I arrived at my own wedding chauffeured by my parents; the only problem was that I was sitting in the back seat of my mom’s Honda Civic. When we arrived at the venue—given the amount of pet hairs and crumbs all over the back seat—I had to brush a lint roller all over my freshly ironed suit to ensure I looked my sharpest. Though the moment was humble and meaningful, a more elegant, appropriate chariot might’ve suited the event better.

The transportation of the event should match the attire of the party. This isn’t a regular trip to the grocery store or your daily commute; the wedding transportation of your once-in-a-lifetime day will set the tone for a great celebration of love.

A common mistake of weddings is that the hosts forget about the guests in regard to transportation. This isn’t to say you should offer a ride for everyone, but treat your VIPs with respect. Close family members, longtime friends, and out-of-towners shouldn’t have to worry about directions, renting a car, or parking. Also, even for those who aren’t on you’re a list, guests often times have to fend for themselves with parking, which could be solved with a shuttle service. Your wedding day shouldn’t be a hassle or a worry for your guests. Be known for throwing a tasteful, thoughtful party.

Wedding TransportationWedding planners know that you have to leave room in your budget for professional transportation. If high school students show up to prom in a limousine, your wedding should be no different. Whether you’re tying the knot in a barn in North Georgia, a ritzy Downtown Atlanta venue or the classic cathedral that’s almost as breathtaking as the bride, using professional transportation will make your day simply special. Save stress and time by booking your wedding transportation today.

Wed Your Valentine with Divine

Divine Chariots Limousines is Atlanta’s go-to transportation service, offering years of experience, an extensive fleet, and a professional staff. Transportation is that one finishing touch you need to put on the perfect night for you and all your guests. Book with us today for top-notch service with elegance.

Tell us a bit about your wedding transportation needs for a quote. To book the final part of your perfect day, contact Divine Chariots Limousines today at 404-549-9702. To find out more on how our professional transportation services could benefit you, connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.