Why Not Try a Minibus for Your Group Fall Outing?

Minibus for Your Group Fall OutingPumpkin spice fills the air, our long-sleeved clothes are being put to good use again, and everyone is out and about enjoying the brisk weather this season has to offer; fall is here again. The time for autumn activities, naturally, come only once per year, making them truly special trips. No matter who you’re out enjoying the change of season with, booking a minibus for your fall outing could make all the difference.

No Need to Fuss—Book a Minibus

Who doesn’t enjoy being outside during these latter months of the year? Fall is such a relaxing season; with the pain of taxes months behind us and the holidays just out of arm’s reach, the most common October worry is transporting everyone in your group to the big outing. Any type of group from families to church groups benefit from the services of minibuses.

Minibus for Your Group Fall OutingWe all know parking anywhere is a hassle. It can get even more hectic and expensive when you caravan. Attractions like the Dahlonega Corn Mazes and Pumpkin Patches are great outings for everyone, but the parking can be a bit of a bother. Some of our favorite fall outings are plagued with tight parking lots; don’t let that be a concern. By booking a minibus for your group fall outing, parking won’t be of a concern. With a minibus, you’ll be chauffeured around Atlanta and North Georgia, allowing you and your group to enjoy the scenes and sights of the drive rather than arguing over directions.

Maybe corn mazes aren’t your pace; you and your adrenaline-fueled friends might want to experience something more nightmare-inducing this season. Well, Six Flags Over Georgia’s Fright Fest is just for you—just one problem: Who’s driving? Taking multiple cars to Six Flags can be pricey—plus, driving through South Atlanta can be a bit of a headache. Don’t start your night off annoyed because of the traffic. Once the night is capped off and you’ve fed your inner dare devil, you’ll have to jog your memory to remember where in that multiple-acre parking lot you parked so many hours ago; the scares should be limited only to inside the theme park—not in the parking lot. In a minibus, you’ll be on your way to a spooky October night full of haunts and scares.

Minibus for Your Group Fall OutingFrom corporate events to best buds checking out an Atlanta Falcons game, booking a minibus is appropriate for any fall outing.

Book a Minibus with Us!

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